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This is my original, and detailed, review of the book. I stand by every word.

And don't forget to scroll down to the actual tricks!

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THEN:  “Stars of Magic” is a classic in the world of close-up sleight-of-hand magic.  Sure it’s old, but that doesn’t mean it’s behind the times. Ironically, in fact, this is the kind of book that should be read by more young magicians. Why?

Because in every forum I visit people are constantly asking the question, “Where can I find some magic that is impactful and yet doesn’t require gimmicks, gaffs and other related props and that can be done impromptu?” ANSWER: right here in the pages of “Stars of Magic.”

All of the stuff in this book is gimmick-free, high impact and uses everyday materials like cards, dice, cups, paper, borrowed rings, etc.

Yes it will take more work than the cool “EASY-TO-DO” miracle that is sitting in the bottom of your magic drawer right now. But once you learn this material you will be able to perform any time, any where, with whatever objects you can find at hand. And that is a great feeling.

NOW: It's still a classic and easily a book that many magicians overlook in their haste to glom onto the latest and greatest thing. This may no longer be the latest, but it's still one of the greatest.

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The first video is a classic coins through table routine. No gimmicks, no gaffs, just 4 quarters. Nothing under the table except the chair and I. A truly beautiful and impromptu piece of magic. This is the very first video I ever recorded and the sound is a bit muffled. You may need to turn your speakers up just a bit for this one.

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As one without a formal stage magic show, I will probably never buy a set of cups and balls (I've actually purchased several sets in the years since this was written). However, I really like the effect. Thanks to this book I now have an anytime, anywhere cups and balls routine that I can do when the situation presents itself. Oh, and I apologize for the slovenly appearance. I promise to dress up next time.

And forgive the egregious flashing. It was the second video I had ever recorded, cut me some slack.

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This is one of the greatest tricks that you can do with 2 decks of cards. After repeatedly shuffling and exchanging cards, they are all found to match. No gimmicks, no gaffs. Just sleight of hand goodness. You will have to pardon the presentation here. We had been drinking a bit and were a bit buzzed. Though not an excuse, it does explain the lackluster presentation and the deadened reaction. Don’t let that put you off this effect. It is an absolute killer.

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Finally, a classic that has been “improved” by so many. As you might have guessed, I still prefer the original handling over others that I’ve seen.

That's what I originally wrote. Since then, I've seen so many great Triumph handlings, many of which are at least as convincing, and many even easier to do. But it still gets a seat at the table when discussing which Triumph is best.

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Originally, I had an Ace Assembly in this Stars of Magic review, but have decided to remove it because my handling was actually quite far removed from the handling offered up by our dear Professor, Mr. Vernon. Eventually, I added that very same Ace Assembly to this site for people to view, and if they want to know how its done, I've made provision for that as well. So, if you're interested in seeing the Ace Assembly that originally appeared here, click this link.

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